From the Studio of Captain Mayo


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Sheena Israel said:

The richness and depth of your painting is astounding, I can hardly believe it is watercolor. I am especially drawn to the sailing ship paintings.

Great Work,

Wednesday, May 25th

Bill Taylor said:

I have kept a page out of WESTWORLD ,JAN.-FEB 1978 OF CAPT. COOK'S SHIP in the Pacific North West, all these years. Are there prints of this lovely painting available, today?

Friday, November 18th

Linda Graves said:

I am sitting in my living room, sipping a hot cup of coffee while next to a warm fire and enjoying the paintings on my wall by Steve Mayo. It's my nautical room. It is especially sweet because today is Thanksgiving and I am honored to call Steve "friend."
I can honestly say that every time I look at one of his paintings, I am drawn in. Whilst similar themed, no two are alike and each evokes it's own mood. I would never buy a painting to match my decor; rather, for what it speaks to me.

Thursday, November 24th

Christi B. said:

I am constantly searching for information on the St. Paul, a ship on which my great Grandfather Julius Pedersen was the first mate. We have an old family photo from 1910 or 1911 that has "last trip to the Bering Sea" written on it.
Your painting is beautiful!

Thank You,
Christi B., Forks, WA

Saturday, December 3rd

Margaret H. said:

I saw your presentation at the Whatcom County historical society meeting. I loved hearing about your research and the detail you include to be historically accurate. Please add me to your art group for information about prints. Thank you.

Friday, April 10th

Richard Leslie said:

My Grandfather,Andrew Owen Leslie, was career Coast Guard Chief engineer on the Manzanita. I would love to purchase a print of her that you have on your website.

Wednesday, September 23rd

Pauline Brown Rohde said:

Whenever possible I visit Sunnyside cemetary (Coupeville) and refect on the headstone of the Andrew Foss.30 years ago this month.Thank you Steve...

Sunday, May 22nd

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Sunday, January 8th

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I am glad to be added to the Steve Mayo Art website. Mayo shares very realistic pictures and it is really inspiring to watch them. The sailing ship paintings are so impressive. they are my favorite section in your art site.

Friday, February 10th

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Steve mayo is such a talented artist and each of his art works are simply mind blowing. Most of them create a nostalgic feel inside our minds. It is so happy to know that your site is open for the viewers.

Thursday, February 23rd

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Watching Steve Mayo Art website really took us through a great sailing experience. It is very visible that he does have a lot of sailing experience which make him draw pictures that looks very real and close enough to the original pics.

Friday, March 3rd

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i don't have pictures up yet however i have one i can send tomorrow its of a beacon and a sea and its down-pouring sick transfer it tomorrow if youre intrigued simply email me and sick hit you up i adore painting sea scenes..and winter scenes sick take more pictures on the off chance that you'd jump at the chance to see more.

Saturday, March 25th

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