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HMS Discovery & Chatham Becalmed in Rosario Strait – June 9, 1792

  HMS Discovery & Chatham Becalmed in Rosario Strait - June 9, 1792      During the summer of 1792, Captain George Vancouver was moving his two vessels up through northern Puget Sound while conducting his extensive survey of the Northwest coast of America. His flagship HMS Discovery and tender Chatham had anchored, for the night of June… read more

Capt. Gray’s Ship Columbia Crossing the Bar – May 11, 1792

Capt. Gray’s Ship Columbia Crossing the Bar - May 11, 1792     On May 11, 1792, Captain Robert Gray sailed his ship Columbia Rediviva into the mouth of the “Great River of the West”. Since the Columbia was the first large vessel to enter the river, Gray named the river Columbia after his… read more

H.M. Armed Tender Chatham Entering Cattle Pass – May 18, 1792

 H.M. Armed Tender Chatham Entering Cattle Pass - May 18, 1792               The brig Chatham’s commander, Lieutenant William Broughton, sails her through the pass between San Juan Island and Lopez Island to begin the first written survey of the San Juan Islands. The cutter, under Chatham’s master, James… read more