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Capt. Gray’s Ship Columbia Crossing the Bar – May 11, 1792

Capt. Gray’s Ship Columbia Crossing the Bar  – May 11, 1792      On May 11, 1792, Captain Robert Gray sailed his ship Columbia Rediviva into the mouth of the “Great River of the West”. Since the Columbia was the first large vessel to enter the river, Gray named the river Columbia after his ship.      My… read more

Columbia Meets HMS Discovery & Chatham – April 29, 1792

  Capt. Robert Gray’s ship Columbia meeting Capt. George Vancouver’s ships HMS Discovery and Chatham off the Northwest coast of America – April 29, 1792      The fur-trading ship Columbia Rediviva of Boston commanded by Captain Robert Gray is shown approaching the Northwest coast south of Cape Flattery.  Columbia had spent the night sailing out to sea… read more