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Pauline Brown Rohde
Whenever possible I visit Sunnyside cemetary (Coupeville) and refect on the headstone of the Andrew Foss.30 years ago this month.Thank you Steve...
Richard Leslie
My Grandfather,Andrew Owen Leslie, was career Coast Guard Chief engineer on the Manzanita. I would love to purchase a print of her that you have on your website.
Margaret H.
I saw your presentation at the Whatcom County historical society meeting. I loved hearing about your research and the detail you include to be historically accurate. Please add me to your art group for information about prints. Thank you.
Mike McCormick
My aunt recently lost her husband who owned 5 of your paintings dating back to the late 1970s. She is at risk of losing her house and is desperately seeking a collector to purchase your paintings. If anyone can help guide us to a collector...you would be changing my aunts life for the better. Please...can anyone help? editormikeonline@gmail.com
Teresa Bergman
Hi Steve, I sent an e-mail several weeks ago, but it may have gotten lost in cyberspace. I am Larry Bergman's wife. We suffered a fire last year and the painting he got from you long ago was damaged. Actually, we aren't sure if the painting itself was damaged, but the frame and matting were. To have it professionally cleaned, which we thing should be done, we have to show a value on it. The insurance company will only cover the cost of cleaning up to a certain amount. We are drawing close to our deadline to have any repair work done and wonder if it would be possible to get an appraisal from you. I can send a picture of the picture as you probably don't remember it. If you can't do this, just let me know. We will then have to dispense with the cleaning and just have it rematted and framed. Thank you.
Christi B.
I am constantly searching for information on the St. Paul, a ship on which my great Grandfather Julius Pedersen was the first mate. We have an old family photo from 1910 or 1911 that has "last trip to the Bering Sea" written on it. Your painting is beautiful! Thank You, Christi B., Forks, WA
Linda Graves
I am sitting in my living room, sipping a hot cup of coffee while next to a warm fire and enjoying the paintings on my wall by Steve Mayo. It's my nautical room. It is especially sweet because today is Thanksgiving and I am honored to call Steve "friend." I can honestly say that every time I look at one of his paintings, I am drawn in. Whilst similar themed, no two are alike and each evokes it's own mood. I would never buy a painting to match my decor; rather, for what it speaks to me.
Bill Taylor
I have kept a page out of WESTWORLD ,JAN.-FEB 1978 OF CAPT. COOK'S SHIP in the Pacific North West, all these years. Are there prints of this lovely painting available, today?
all the paint is falling off of my beautiful original painting ...and a steamshovel(or is an army tank???)is slowly appearing ...is this normal???or is there some powerful message here??? please help me!!!
The richness and depth of your painting is astounding, I can hardly believe it is watercolor. I am especially drawn to the sailing ship paintings. Great Work, Sheena

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